About Duo Click Design

Duo Click Design Agency was established in 2015 by Dejan Devic , Serbian Web & Graphic Designer.

Duo Click Design is Devic’s family firm  that successfully does business with clients and companies from all over the world. Duo Click  Design Agency creates visual identities of companies in the world, their websites, social media, design of mobile applications, design of cloud platforms, logos, brand identity design projects and more. Duo Click Design is a place where you can get everything you need for the visual identity of your company or firm  and by which your clients will easily recognize you. 

Dejan Devic

CEO, Web Designer, Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Ivana Devic

Marketing & Project Manager 

Ana Devic

UI/UX Designer & Graphic Designer

Vladimir Devic

UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Danilo Devic

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, UI Designer & Photographer


Executive Protection Specialist


Some companies and clients we worked for.

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